Project Description

JeanneMarie Photography came to Three5 Consulting with complex logistical issues regarding their website. Jeannemarie was looking for a new look. Her website and her blog were 2 separate websites. They were both built on the CMS WordPress platform but were 2 entirely different installs.

We were able to give Jeannemarie the look she wanted while preserving years of built up search engine traction that her blog had given her. Now that her blog and main website are merged into one WordPress install, it has simplified things and makes the site look a lot more uniform throughout.

Special care was taken in making sure all her old blog URLs were either preserved or properly redirected to maintain her search engine positions. Not only were we able to maintain her current rankings, the combination of the merge and our SEO expertise has increased her search engine rankings in many instances.

Lastly we helped familiarize Jeannmarie Photography with their new website and even got them switched over to a more secure and reliable hosting company.